1. What Does Dental Insurance Cover?

    One question we get all the time from patients in the Encino and Lake Balboa area is about their own insurance, especially those wondering exactly what their insurance covers. In today’s blog, our staff will teach you a few of the must-know things to read and consider about your current dental insurance policy, plus what to look for in any new coverage. Explaining Dental Insurance Coverage There…Read More

  2. Why Water is the Best Drink for Your Teeth

    In our previous blog, we talked in-depth about the benefits that certain foods can provide your teeth; in reality, no food is entirely beneficial for your teeth, and only one beverage can claim that right: Drinking water. The Many Tooth & Mouth Benefits of Water It should come as no surprise that water reigns supreme as the ultimate oral health-conscious substance, as water is life. It is than…Read More

  3. Do Electric Toothbrushes Work Better?

    One question we get asked all the time is about whether or not people should choose to use an electric toothbrush over their manual counterparts. At Balboa Victory Dental, we always strive to answer questions from our patients as thoroughly as possible, so here we go! Should You Get an Electronic Toothbrush? If you’re torn between the choice of an electronic toothbrush upgrade or sticking to the…Read More

  4. Is Mouthwash Actually Useful?

    Recently, it has become popular to beat up on mouthwash, although many dentists and patients have already been questioning its effectiveness for years, but is there validity to the claims mouthwash supporters or deniers make? Should people use mouthwash, or is it better left off of the bathroom sink? Today, we’ll dive into it a bit! Swish, Swish, Spit or Toss the Wash? At Balboa Victory Dental, …Read More

  5. When a Tooth Chips or Cracks

    Nobody wants to think of their teeth as breakable. For most of us, the thought alone is enough to give us a shudder. If you ever chip or crack a tooth, however, it is important that you know what to do, are prepared to take action, and, above all, don’t panic. Today, we’ll shed some light on what to do if you or a loved one damages a tooth. What to Do About a Chipped or Cracked Tooth If you or…Read More

  6. Drinks that Destroy Your Teeth

    We think of tooth staining and decay as a food-related issue, but really the things that we drink play just as much - if not even more - of a part in our oral health than the foods that we eat. Find out if your favorite drinks are actually destroying your teeth in today’s blog from Balboa Victory Dental, your trusted Encino dentists. Enamel-Weakening Beverages Before we dive into the top enamel-…Read More

  7. Should I Get Dental Insurance?

    If you’re afraid of going to the dentist because of the potential costs you could incur, odds are you don’t have dental insurance - or the right dental insurance. If you’re wondering whether or not dental insurance is right for you and your family, we have some helpful information that could make the decision a little easier. Weighing the Value of Dental Insurance Unlike health, auto, and ho…Read More

  8. You Can Overcome Dental Anxiety

    We’re sorry! For whatever image dentists have in your mind that cause you to feel concerned or worried about the dentist, we apologize. Now, we want to help make things right and see you coming in for regular dental check-ups and comfortably taking charge of your oral health. Understanding & Overcoming Dental Fears The first step to beating anything is to understand it. In every aspect of li…Read More

  9. How Oral Health Impacts the Body

    It is obvious that good oral health can lead to clean teeth, free of debris, and healthy pink gums. Did you know that many researching dentists agree that poor oral hygiene can cause more severe problems than just tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath? It can contribute to diseases that you’ve likely never even considered, such as: Alzheimer’s disease Studies conducted in New York and Flori…Read More

  10. The Impressive Benefits of Digital Dental X-Rays

    If you haven’t heard of digital x-rays yet, that’s okay! Today, we’ll be going over the basics benefits digital x-rays hold over traditional x-rays in a bit of detail and what those benefits mean for you as a patient. Digital X-Rays & You We’re so used to compromise in today’s society. It seems like every time some great new thing comes along, it brings with it just as many cons as i…Read More