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In recent years there has been an explosion in the popularity of teeth whitening treatments. There are over-the-counter treatments and whitening programs offered by dentist offices such as Balboa Victory of Encino. Professional treatments can be performed in our office and at-home treatments can be prescribed. For most people, this is good news. Whitening your teeth has never been more convenient or effective. But for this same reason, many have the tendency to overuse their treatments, and the results can be painful.

Most dentists recommend using a whitening treatment no more than 2 or 3 times a year. However, there is a tendency among some to overuse their whitening treatments, leading to a host of negative side effects. Tooth sensitivity is a major issue for any whitener who has experienced a sudden flash of pain following a treatment. The sensation, while short-lived, can be intense and come without warning. Gum irritation and uneven shading of tooth enamel can also be caused by excessive bleaching. Even worse is the case where a patient has an unfilled cavity or cracked tooth. Over-whitening can cause internal damage to compromised teeth, possibly leading to infection of the pulp and necessitating an endodontic procedure, commonly known as a root canal.

The drive for whiter and whiter teeth has become an obsession for many, but it is important not to lose perspective. While it is true that staining of tooth enamel is inevitable, it is now possible to make your teeth whiter than ever before while still following your dentist’s instructions. As Encino’s Top Rated Local® dental professionals, Balboa Victory provides whitening services that are both safe and effective. Contact us today if you are considering whitening or have any questions about your current program.