If you’ve ever been coached for a job interview, performed in a theater, or even taken a speech class in school, you’ve likely been told ad nauseum to smile more. If you’re wondering what the big deal about smiling is, we’ve compiled the best reasons why you should feel confident in your smile – and use it!

Why You Should Smile More

Smiling is Attractive to Others

Not only is smiling attractive in the romantic sense, which most of us have probably picked up on already, but smiling is also attractive in more platonic ways. Many studies, such as this one, have shown that showing people images of a smiling face and then re-showing them the same face without a smile has a dramatic impact on how we would “rate” people in terms of attractiveness, approachability, confidence, and more. It could be said that whenever you are in doubt during just about any social situation, it will probably only do you favors to smile!

Smiling Makes You Happier

Okay, sure, when you’re happy you smile, we all know that. But it has also been shown that smiling actually makes you happier, even if you were far from happy to begin with. The very same endorphins associated with that after-workout bliss is released in small doses each and every time we smile and these endorphins are basically the chemical manifestation of happiness and serenity. You can test it for yourself by simply forcing yourself to smile the next time you’re stressed, exhausted, or even depressed; it may not completely change your situation, but you will almost certainly feel noticeably better immediately.

Smiling Makes You Seem Better

Smiling can actually help you to seem better than you are at some highly desirable attributes in our society, such as leadership, confidence, trustworthiness, relatability, and even influences the way people rate your performance in a workplace setting. While you may not want to imagine yourself confidently smiling at your boss regularly, doing just that can improve their view of your performance and abilities. So, whether you’re interviewing for a job, closing a deal, or hoping for a promotion, always be sure to smile as much as you can in the workplace; it can literally pay off!

Smiling Requires Confidence

In order for you to increase your smiling habits, it is first important that you have confidence in your smile. If you are ashamed, worried, or stressed about how your teeth may look, you’ll subconsciously look away rather than engaging in eye contact and smiling, which has the opposite effect of everything listed above. With so many benefits to be gained from using your smile, don’t you think it’s time you visited the dentist to improve your smile’s appeal? By visiting your dentist’s office regularly and following their plan for improving your oral health, you can take back control of your willingness to smile and live a happier, more enriched life!

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