1. The Effects Of Alcohol On Oral Health Pt. 2

    Do You Know How Alcohol Affects Your Oral Health? Hello, and welcome back to our blog! Here at Balboa Victory Dental Office, we want to help as many people in the Encino area as possible maintain good oral hygiene. While we have spent multiple blog posts covering the typical oral hygiene health tips that every dentist recommends, this short blog series is dedicated to a detrimental force that is n…Read More

  2. The Effects Of Alcohol On Oral Health

    Is Alcohol Doing More Damage Than You Realize? Few beverages in the world are as popular as alcohol. For thousands of years, humans have been consuming alcohol in one form or another and, in our opinion here at Balboa Victory Dental Office, they are not likely to stop any time soon. While the effects of sugar and other substances have been well documented in relation to oral health, fewer people a…Read More

  3. Why & How to Stop Nail Biting

    There is no known estimate as to how many people bite their nails. Maybe this is because many people do so for periods of their life, but cease to do so later (nail biting has been found to be more common in teenagers, for instance). One thing is clear, however: Most people recognize that nail biting is not a desirable trait, some even go so far as to say the habit can prove dangerous. Getting Ove…Read More

  4. What Makes Dental Cleanings Effective?

    It seems like every day that we have a patient make a comment or ask a question regarding the effectiveness of a dental cleaning. Whether this is someone marveling over how clean their teeth feel, wondering what makes our cleanings so different from their home care routine, or even doubting the treatment before it even begins, this mystery seems ever-present. Spotlighting Dental Hygienist Work &am…Read More

  5. What Happens When You’re Late for a Dentist Appointment

    We’ve all been there: That dentist appointment you knew was coming up slipped your mind or didn’t quite get planned for correctly; whatever the case, you get that sinking feeling that comes with knowing you’re going to be late. What do you do? What happens? How does this influence the dentist’s office? Today, we’ll take a look at this multi-sided issue that seems to be an unavoidable, ev…Read More

  6. Why Dentists Actually Recommend Sugar-Free Gum

    How many things have dentists recommended to you in your life that didn’t involve brushing or flossing? Not many, right? Well, what if we were to tell you that sugar-free gum is recommended by most dentists - and not just as an alternative to sugared gums. Sugar-Free Gum is Surprisingly Good for Your Teeth You heard it right; sugar-free gum isn’t just acceptable from a dental perspective, but …Read More

  7. Not a Gum Pimple: Must-Know Abscess Information

    The term abscess is used to describe two distinctly different conditions in dentistry; it refers to either a periapical abscess in the tooth or a periodontal abscess along the gumline. Today, we’ll discuss some general abscess information, especially regarding the sudden pimple-like growth on the gumline that is a telltale indicator of a periodontal abscess. Importance of Treating the Underlying…Read More

  8. The Best Foods for Your Teeth

    While there is certainly overlap between the foods that are best and healthiest for your teeth and those that are just generally good for you, there are a few exceptions. Today, we’ll give you a few examples of tooth-healthy foods, explain the “why” behind them, and even tell you how some otherwise healthy foods can be somewhat tooth damaging. What Makes Food Tooth Healthy? If you’ve been …Read More

  9. Investigate Your Dentist Before Scheduling

    In our previous blog, we talked about how to use online reviews to find a new dentist for your family. But what do you do after you find that dentist? Online reviews or a tip from a friend isn’t enough to ensure that the office you’ve chosen is actually right for you - you’ll need to do just a little more digging. Getting the Answers You Need for Great Dental Care When you contact a dentist…Read More

  10. Using Review Sites to Find a Dentist

    The so-called “Age of Information” has some incredible benefits and tools to take advantage of. For instance, if you’re looking to use just about any service imaginable, you can now hop online and find out what people are saying about that business or service. This availability is changing the way that many people connect with businesses and services in their area - even in healthcare. Judgi…Read More