1. How Oral Health Impacts the Body

    It is obvious that good oral health can lead to clean teeth, free of debris, and healthy pink gums. Did you know that many researching dentists agree that poor oral hygiene can cause more severe problems than just tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath? It can contribute to diseases that you’ve likely never even considered, such as: Alzheimer’s disease Studies conducted in New York and Flori…Read More

  2. The Impressive Benefits of Digital Dental X-Rays

    If you haven’t heard of digital x-rays yet, that’s okay! Today, we’ll be going over the basics benefits digital x-rays hold over traditional x-rays in a bit of detail and what those benefits mean for you as a patient. Digital X-Rays & You We’re so used to compromise in today’s society. It seems like every time some great new thing comes along, it brings with it just as many cons as i…Read More

  3. Dentist-Approved Home Habits

    We hear a lot of talk about what 9 out of 10 dentists agree upon in advertisements and other branding messages that we get bombarded with on a daily basis, but what do dentists really want you to do when you aren’t sitting in their examination chair? Maintaining Your Teeth in Everyday Life The secret to keeping your smile bright and beautiful doesn’t lie in a miracle product or solely on one t…Read More

  4. Finding A Dentist in Los Angeles

    In our previous blog series, we talked extensively about the importance of Medi-Cal and Denti-Cal to the underserved found throughout LA, here in Encino and Lake Balboa specifically, as well as the rest of California; one major component to ensuring that Denti-Cal as well as insurance is effectively used is educating the public on how to properly find a dentist near them that accepts their form of…Read More

  5. Dental Care As A Right

    California, Oregon, and Washington have reputations for being a bit more liberally-leaning than the rest of the country. With this comes a certain amount of acceptance in the efficacy behind governmental programs that extend healthcare privileges to the lower echelons of society. At Balboa Victory Dental Office, we are proud to offer dentistry services to patients within the Medi-Cal and Denti-Cal…Read More

  6. Payment Under California’s Denti-Cal

    In our previous blog, we laid out a little bit of the basics surrounding Denti-Cal, California’s Medi-Cal assistance program through federal Medicaid. If you have any basic, fundamental questions about Medi-Cal or Denti-Cal, be sure to read that one before going on! Today, we’ll dive a little more into the payment system built into Denti-Cal, and why that system benefits patients and dentists …Read More

  7. Medi-Cal & Denti-Cal Explained

    The dentists at Balboa Victory Dental truly care about serving the local community - all of the community, that is - in Encino and Lake Balboa with high-quality dentistry. If you’re unsure how the Medi-Cal and Denti-Cal work or don’t yet understand what makes the system so far ahead of what is found throughout most of the country, read on for some simple explanations. Dental Care As A Right, N…Read More

  8. Dental Teeth Cleaning At Home

    At just about every dentist’s appointment, you’ll receive a teeth cleaning. These cleanings help to remove unsightly and corroding plaque and tartar, but are meant to supplement your at-home brushing and oral health habits. Many of our Encino patients ask the dentist how to best brush their teeth or teach their children to do so, so we’ve decided to share a blog that outlines just that; you …Read More

  9. Smiles Leave Lasting Impressions

    If you’ve ever been coached for a job interview, performed in a theater, or even taken a speech class in school, you’ve likely been told ad nauseum to smile more. If you’re wondering what the big deal about smiling is, we’ve compiled the best reasons why you should feel confident in your smile - and use it! Why You Should Smile More Smiling is Attractive to Others Not only is smiling attra…Read More

  10. Regular Dental Checkups

    As a leading dental office in Encino, Los Angeles, we frequently take questions about the necessity of regular dental checkups. Many people simply don’t understand the reasons behind the need for regular dentist appointments. Today, Balboa Victory Dental will share some of the key reasons that you and your family should always keep regular dentist appointments as a priority. Why Bother With Regu…Read More