1. The Worst Foods and Beverages For Your Teeth Pt. 2

    Protect Your Teeth From Unnecessary Damage   Hello, and welcome back to our blog! If you read our previous post, you are aware that we are taking some time to go over some of the food and beverages that are most detrimental to the health and integrity of your teeth. If you haven’t read our previous blog, we suggest that you do so because it contains some valuable information in relation to …Read More

  2. What Happens During A Root Canal Treatment

    The professional endodontists at Balboa Victory Dental Office want all of our clients to be at ease during their procedures. Sometimes this means that the less the patient knows, the better. Other patients, though, want to fully understand the procedure that is about to be performed. The very mention of the phrase “root canal” tends to make people uncomfortable, but perhaps understanding the p…Read More

  3. Learn the Anatomy of Your Tooth from Our Encino Endodontist

    Many people are surprised to learn that their teeth aren't solid enamel. In fact, the enamel of your tooth is really only the top layer; there is a lot of other stuff going on inside your tooth, and our Encino endodontist specializes in working on the soft tissues inside your teeth. Let's take a look at some of the layers of your teeth: Enamel. This is the outermost layer and what gives our teeth …Read More